UK Freedom Fighters

FFUK or UK Freedom Fighters to give it the correct terminology have been around since August 2009. In that time, it has seen many changes to EVE Online. It has, more importantly, seen many faces, young and old. Many have passed on to pastures new, but a small contingency of guys have stuck together to form the backbone of a strong willed and resilient pilots, who continue to persist in having fun, contemplating new adventures and generally trying to ruin the next 24 hours of New Eden capsuleers!

Originally formed as a way of undertaking some mortal savagery in high sec empire space, FFUK quickly grew in numbers. Not massive, but enough so that we wouldn't be frightened off or overwhelmed by larger corporations. Its main purpose was to undertake and engage in Hi-Sec wars and mercenary activity, gaining a foothold in the "Why mission or mine when you can blow other people's shit up ?" mentality of Eve Online.

From the early days, players with experience, knowledge and enthusiasm joined together and became a leading force in Minmatar space, but we would and have moved through the 4 corners of Eve in search of fun and action. From hunting down prey to gate camping and POS structure bashing, FFUK have become well known in many regions and still instill fear and loathing in many larger corporations and alliances.

It's also had its fair share of Alliance life, some good, some downright rubbish. From Privateers Alliance (where we were chucked out for killing too much!), to Obsidian Front (where we weren't allowed to kill anything!!), FFUK have remained hell bent on one thing - to have fun.


FFUK out on a roam!